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The 3D Secure procedure

3D Secure is a term for a group of systems, that increases the security in the payment process.

In most cases 3D Secure is an extra step, where the cardholder enters a number, sent to their mobile phone as a part of the purchase.

The technology 3D Secure is marketed under names such as, “Mastercard SecureCode” and “Verified by Visa” for Mastercard and Visa.

3D Secure acts as an extra layer of security for the merchant, that to a greater extent can make sure that the buyer is the actual cardholder. For Mastercard SecureCode og Verified by Visa there is also a liability shift, where it becomes the cardholders responsibility in the case of a chargeback.

No extra agreements need to be made, with neither Unzer Direct or the acquirer to use 3D Secure.