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Using a virtual terminal

Unzer Direct Manager gives you the opportunity to use a virtual terminal, which can prove helpful in many situations.

You can find the virtual terminal by going to Tools > Virtual terminal.

A virtual terminal can be used for example to charge a customer's card if you are in possession of the customer's card details or for creating subscriptions.

  1. Go to Tools > Virtual terminal and fill in the values as seen below. Under Show more options you can insert your shop's continue URL, cancel URL as well as specify other parameters. You can also add information about the customer and basket items. Please note that in this example we are creating a normal transaction. As mentioned, you can also create subscriptions. When all the information is filled in, finish by clicking Open payment window.

  2. Input the card data. We are using test cards for this example. See Unzer Direct’s technical documentation for test card data.

  3. Once a payment is completed, it can be found under Payments.